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Flat-type Transformers

HAHN Flat-type transformers: UI 21, UI 30, UI 39, UI 48. Are part of an extensive standard range with capacities from 1.0 - 60.0 VA. HAHN transformers are quality products meeting all demands placed on highly developed electro-technical equipment. Of course, all HAHN products are quality certified, vacuum-encapsulated and tested with 6000 V prim./sec (VDE 
0570 and CEE are regulations which only require only 3750 V). Leakage distance and air paths of at least 10mm. Temperature class ta 70oC/B as per VDE 0570, EN 61558 and CEE 15 regulations/ standards.

All HAHN UI 30 to UI 39 Flat-type transformers include an innovative insulation technique, which provides even greater Primary and Secondary voltage stability casting.

Please click on the link below for the full range of Flat-type transformers HAHN has to offer. 

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