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Reduced Energy Consumption transformers - EuP

The EuP range fulfils all of the new guidelines of “Energy using Products” (EuP)
HAHN’s new EuP series is perfect for electric power supply applications in electrical and electronic household/office equipment with “stand-by” and “off” conditions. Reduced power consumption in a household appliances standby function was restricted to 1 Watt. In 2013 this 1 Watt will decrease to 0.5 Watts. HAHN’s EuP range will be your solution for this problem.
The EuP range is ecological in design and the solution is based on switch mode technology developed by HAHN. It has been designed based on the Eco-Design Directive for “Energy using Products” and has a transfer loss of < 0.15 W and an efficiency of > 70%! It is ideal for applications within the voltage range of 85 – 265 V for power supplies.

Reduced Energy Consumption Transformers
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Reduced Energy Consumption Transformers Reduced Energy Consumption Transformers

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