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Transformers RAST 5

All transformers of the RAST 5 series are equipment with a variable user-friendly parallel-wired connector in accordance with VDE 0627/PM 906 (Regulations of the Association of German Electrical Engineers). This greatly facilitates the assembly of the components by as much as a third. It only requires you to attach the lead connectors to the primary and secondary sides, eliminating the tedious and time-consuming routines of soldering, screw-attachment or individual plug-ins are no longer required. Especially coded connectors with form guides ensure easy and correct assembly. Confusion in connecting up routines is impossible. Lead connectors are prefabricated, thereby reducing costs.

- High capacity up to 120.0 VA
- Primary voltages from 12 V to 400 V
- Secondary voltages from 6 V to 24 V or 2 x 6 V to 2 x 24 V
- Test certifications to VDE-, ENEC 10-, CSA- and UL - regulations
- Vacuum-encapsulated, bobbin with dual chamber windings
- Item quality certification
- Temperature class ta 70°C/B with excellent temperature fluctuation resistance properties
- High electrical safety and long service-life features and self-extinguishing cast housing and sealing material

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Rast 5 transformers
Rast 5 transformers  
Rast 5 transformers
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