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Customer-optimized speciality transformers

The present general industrial trend leans towards shorter assembly times, not with enhanced manufacturing reliability for electronic components as it main focus. HAHN believes the latter to be the real focus of manufacturing Transformers. In this sense, HAHN now also has the capacity to produce special consumer-specified components of all the various available construction types.

The secret lies in the employment of improved components and the consequent exploitation of the benefits of HAHN's high-tech production. This is ensured by many years of collaboration with subcontractors and suppliers as well as the flexible production of specialty components of high quality. The experienced HAHN's research and development department and its in-house tooling production, are guarantees for rapid reaction to - and the provision of economic problem solutions from the one supplier - HAHN.

HAHN's knowledge and specialty processes in encapsulated or non-encapsulated products are available for optimum consumer benefit. Lead-free, tinned contacts provide for reliable connectivity. The technical lead of HAHN over competitors in transformer technology is a guarantee for its renowned reliable customer service and assured functionality of all transformers, as a basis for all electronic assembles. In addition to the ongoing quality control management processes conducted by HAHN, together with the carrying out of numerous random item checks in serial production, all HAHN transformers are again subjected to a final 100% verification.

Customer-optimized speciality transformers

No matter whether small quantities or large volumes are required - the highly flexible HAHN manufacturing concept with its extensively automated production equipment, enables practically any individual customer requirement to be met materially and technically implemented.

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